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My story

I've been related with different sports my whole life and also represented my school in different competitions. But at one point of my life I didn't do any sport and just played video games every day for couple years.


After partly completing my military training I was sent home early because my health situation got worse.

I felt super weak and that made me feel very embarrased by myself. After military I knew I had to do something and that's when I had my biggest breakthrough to fitness world. I started to do strength training and learn about nutrition and fitness in general.

Once I started to notice changes in my appearance I also saw improvement in my health. The problems I had before started to disappear. This motivated me even more and I chose to finish IntensivePT course and get my personal trainer license. I also survived a year in University (Physical culture, BA). 

Going through this huge change myself I know what every person feels like when they start their journey.

Now I've combined my three favourite sports together: calisthenics, weightlifting and basketball. Since 2022 I've been a full time personal trainer, giving trainings in Tallinn and online.


My moto: fitness is a maraton, even one step is better than standing still.

Clients feedback

"Steven is a wonderful trainer, who knows how to motivate and support you where needed, and makes you exert yourself when he seesthat you can do more.

​Balanced and personal approach. Trainings with Steven have helped me achieve better physical body and made me strive more in other trainings ."

– Simo, client since january 2023

Need a personal trainer,

nutrition - or workout plan?

Send me an e-mail or DM me on instagram.

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